miércoles, 22 de mayo de 2013

My favourite photo

Look at my favourite photo. In it I am posing with my family, my wife and three children. Why is it my favourite photo? There is no great concrete raison but there are a set of small reasons.

The photo was taken in the province of Cáceres, where I come from. The landscape you can see is very beautiful and every time I look at the picture I remember my land; that is one reason.

Moreover, this photo was taken without thinking. We are travelling at Easter holidays and stopped to see the Alcántara resevoir. As the day was clear we suddenly decided to take a picture. Unexpected things often come out better than planned ones.

The swamp level was low by drought and they could see almost whole Floripes Castle. It is a castle that got covered by water when the swamp was inaugurated in the sixties. It is not easy to see it all. This castle is cited in "Don Quixote", the Cervantes' novel. It is another charm of the photo.

Finally, there apears the whole family together. Then the children were distributed throughout Spain and the world; so it is not easy to meet us for a similar photo. This is the main reason that this photo is my favourite.


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