miércoles, 20 de noviembre de 2013

A nightmare journey

A nightmare journey

This summer I have been with my wife in London. We spent an enjoyable week, visiting a relative and sightseeing. In Spain we had bought airline tickets for round trip. When it came time to return we decide not to sleep again because the plane left at half past six from Stansted Airport. We had to catch a bus in London at four in the morning. The trip from the city to the airport takes over an hour.

When we got to the airport we waited a long time. When there was 45 minutes to the plane to exit we walked through the security arch. Then a problem cames: my toothpaste tube was inside the suitcase instead of going in a transparent bag in hand. The alarm sounded. We had to open the case and it took a long time cause another problem. In the control, in front of us there was a family; they were reviewing all the bags carefully because the police thought they had drugs. When we finished there where over ten minutes to close the track door.

We ran at full speed but the airport is big. I was just used to the size of the airport of Jerez. At one point we were at a wrong door and lost a precious time in the wrong queue. When we arrived at the door of our plane it has just been closed. Our prayers and tears were of no avail.

We had to come back, with nerves and anger. They directed us to the company window. There the clerk told us there was only one plane to Málaga, leaving at noon half past two, plus we had to pay an good extra. We accepted without remedy.

When we got to Málaga rented a car to come to Jerez. It was the first time that we was renting a car. At Jerez we had to leave immediately to Caceres, where we had an unavoidable date.

What I spent on phone was only comparable with the hours of sleep I needed to recover.


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